Shut Up and row

We’re going to row a boat - across the Atlantic Ocean.

Because it's there, it's daunting, & we are wired for adventure; hard shit provides essential purpose.

We are going to tackle this challenge with the greatest of efforts, leaving nothing left to give while we search for our physical, psychological, & spiritual limitations.

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an illustration of the rowing route

The world's toughest row


This is going to be a TEST.

One greater than any of us have faced individually and well outside anything we'd choose given an opportunity to work within our wheelhouse experiences.

This is exactly why we are doing this - because we have no business doing it.

Less than 400 people have ever rowed the 3000nm across the Atlantic Ocean and  tenfold more people have summited Mount Everest.

There has never been an all American team to sit upon the podium.
We intend to make this journey as fast as we possibly can;
regardless the god's, ocean's & weather's intentions.

The Team

We're a collection of Men brought together by our thirst for adventure, challenge, hardship, and constant pursuit to define the margins of our capabilities.

We are also Veterans.
Through this experience we hope to inspire fellow Veterans to chase the unimaginable, seek to rise through occasions of hardship & struggle, and explore possibility.

James Hein
James Hein
Power / Work Horse
Chriss Smith
Chriss Smith
Chief Motivator
Brian Nicholson
Brian Nicholson
Team Captain
Brian Chontosh
Brian Chontosh
Mindset Ninja


We've been assembling an amazing team of partners & support who share the same sentiment of seeking to thrive through struggle in order to arrive stronger through the process of challenge. We are also driven to build this strategic collection and invite a greater tribe to share in the success and support Veterans supporting Veterans.

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Big Fish Foundation

Mission: to enhance Veteran’s lives by reconnecting them to fundamental principles of service in order to reemphasize accountability towards each other through shared common purpose in a campaign to improve psychological wellness, effectively manage post traumatic/combat stress, and prevent suicide.

Once we reach the administrative expense of accomplishing the Atlantic crossing all additional money received will be honored through the Big Fish Foundation and their efforts to strengthen the Veteran community to combat suicide.

We appreciate and value your support.